SGA Evaluation, Impact, and Quality Assurance

SGA is committed to program evaluation, and specifically to demonstrating its effectiveness in helping children, their families, and communities change. 

We collect, monitor, and evaluate data on several thousand individuals each year to measure the progress of clients towards achieving desired outcomes.

Our Evaluation and Quality Assurance Department is responsible for program tracking and evaluation towards ongoing program improvements. All programs have established methodologies for the evaluation of program processes and client outcomes. The Department has the capacity to produce monthly, annual, and funding-specific progress reports on well-defined, measurable objectives. 

Impact Metrics

99% K-12th-grade students reported that SGA helped them learn new ways to deal with their problems.

93% Youth previously involved in the justice system did not experience recidivism while in SGA's programs.

100% Eligible children, ages 0-5, were served in SGA's Early Head Start and Head Start programs.

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