Creating a Cycle of Opportunity®

SGA Youth & Family Services helps children, families and communities facing great challenges to realize their potential.

SGA helps break the cycle of adversity and provides families with enough opportunity to change their lives and their communities. Our Cycle of Opportunity® is passed down through generations, building strong foundations for families in the communities we serve.

See how SGA has changed the trajectory for one of our young families, then learn about our four core focus areas listed below.


SGA’s Midwest Healthy Start Initiative works with pregnant and postpartum parents and their infants to reduce infant mortality rates and provide prenatal care. SGA provides parents of young children with early childhood development guidance, parenting tips and safety assessments. 

Early Childhood

SGA proudly offers Early Head Start and Head Start programs. The ‘Parents as Teachers’ home-based curriculum, is used to focus on motor coordination, language and literacy, and social-emotional and cognitive learning. Another resource is our Prevention Initiative program, which serves expecting mothers and children under the age of three. This program provides free weekly educational home visits, parent workshops, mental health and more.

Education Support Services

SGA provides Safe Passage to select schools in highly violent communities. Services include crisis intervention; individual, group, and family counseling; mentoring; gang diversion; drug and alcohol education; parent education; family engagement; and classroom support. SGA offers college readiness services for high-performing students, including youth involved in the justice system. SGA reaches 11,000+ students each year.

Workforce Development

SGA’s workforce development services begin with summer employment opportunities for students as young as 14 years old. Throughout the year, our focus is on supporting Opportunity Youth: young adults ages 16 to 24 who are out of school and out of work, including those involved in the juvenile justice system. SGA provides workforce training to more than 900 youth each year.

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